Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

Mother tongue education

It is important to maintain ties with Flanders and to keep communicating in Dutch. It is partly a cultural concern, but other reasons also have to be taken into account. After all, a thorough knowledge of the Dutch language and Flemish culture ensures a smooth return to the Flemish education system. There are various organisations that facilitate this. We highlight three of them:

  • Dutch Education Abroad (NOB)

    NOB is the hub of a worldwide network of nearly 200 schools in 115 countries. At NOB, education is provided in many ways: part-time or full-time, local or digital, and at primary and secondary level. NOB offers the certainty of quality education. More information to be found on their website: www.stichtingnob.nl.

  • Edufax

    At Edufax you will find everything you need to know about education abroad. Their team provides tailored education advice. Edufax also develops its own online teaching material that is tailored to the target group. Distance learning students are supervised by a team of teachers. More information can be found on their website: www.edufax.nl.

  • D-Teach

    D-Teach offers online lessons to a broad target group from toddlers to adults. They not only offer language lessons, but also tutor French, Mathematics, Physics, ... You can obtain a certificate in Dutch as a foreign language (CNaVT) or a Flemish diploma through the national exam committee. More information on their website: www.d-teach.com.


The Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language (CNaVT) is a project of the organisation Taalunie (Language Union) and is implemented by the Centre for Language and Education (KU Leuven). The CNaVT has been testing and certifying learners of Dutch as a Foreign Language for over fifty years. Based on task-oriented, domain-specific exams, the CNaVT tests Dutch language skills and awards internationally recognised certificates. More information can be found on their website: www.cnavt.org.