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Child and family benefits

The country responsible for your social security rights, including family benefits (child benefits, miscellaneous family benefits, parental leave etc.) depends on your economic situation and your place of residence, not your nationality. National legislation determines the conditions of receiving family benefits as a parent. Usually you are entitled to benefits in a EU Member State if:

  • you work there
  • you receive a benefit or pension via the social security of that country
  • you live there

The whole family lives in the same country

If you live with your whole family in another EU Member State and are only covered by social security there, you will receive the allowances to which you are entitled in that country. If you are seconded abroad for less than 2 years, you will remain subject to Belgian social security, which means that you will retain the Belgian family benefits.

You and your family members live in different countries

Authorities will take into account the situation of both parents. They will decide which country is responsible for granting benefits based on priority rules. You will always receive the maximum amount to which you are entitled.

Where do I apply for family benefits?

You can apply for family benefits in any country where you or the other parent are subject to social security. The country where you apply shares the application with all countries involved. Check with national government to understand which terms and conditions apply to family benefits. If you are late, you may lose the right to a benefit. See overview of all national contact points.

All information about Belgian child benefits can be found on the FAMIFED website.