Worldwide Network

The foundation communicates regularly with ten thousands of emigrated fellow countrymen and aspiring emigrants, by means of the website, the electronic newsletter and the magazine. In addition, VIW can rely on over 80 representatives worldwide, who serve as expert talking points and who help fellow countrymen adjust to their new destination by answering their questions and by organising social gatherings for Flemings abroad.

The representatives are experienced antennas who spread information, but they are a mouthpiece for the wishes and aspirations of emigrated Flemings as well and they are committed to convey these wishes and aspirations to the VIW secretariat in Brussels. The knowhow of this foundation is centred around its people and every migrated Fleming. The experience of one emigrant helps another in finding new insights. In short, they are simply the ones who are best positioned to explain how daily life works in the specific country or region they call home.

Suppose you are looking for a school for your children in Adelaide, Australia? In this case, the opinion and advice of a fellow countryman who walked the same road before you, can be of great importance. Because whose interpretation of educational levels and differences in schools do you trust? Or on what basis do you select a local dentist, estate agent, … A tip can be worth a lot. And VIW can offer you this tip!

As a member of Flemings in the World, you gain access to its worldwide network, its personal service and contacts at the destination of your choice.