VIW Services

VIW members can ask us their specific questions about emigrating to another country by means of filling in the contact form. Whether you have a question about a long-term or definite move (emigration), a temporary job abroad (expatriation) or studying in another country, Flemings in the World can offer important tips and tricks, as well as interesting contacts abroad.

Information about moving abroad

VIW takes care of fellow countrymen with emigration plans, the foundation offers information and stimulates its worldwide network. VIW organises diverse initiatives, which enrich and simplify the lives of migrating Flemings. 

Looking for help with or advice about the administrative hassle of moving, the smooth handling of dossiers about pension or social security, tax regulations, legal matters, education… ? VIW advises, offers tips and important information.

Mouthpiece for Flemings worldwide

The foundation lobbies for initiatives with the authorised departments and services which simplify the lives of Flemings abroad and fortify their connection with Flanders. VIW helps Flemings feel at home in the world, but wants to keep them at home in Flanders as well. An expat who is ‘carried’ by his country, or region, will be happy to advert the qualities of his home country while he is staying abroad.

VIW is a known interlocutor for authorities with regards to the wishes and aspirations of migrated Flemings. VIW is rallying for sufficient facilities for Dutch education and Flemish culture abroad. After all, education plays an important role in maintaining the bond with Flanders, moreover, the offered education takes into account that the children could re-enrol in the Flemish educational system in the near future.

In addition, VIW strives for the extension of voting rights. After all, there is no reason why our expats would be able to vote during the federal election but not during the regional election.